Sunday, 22 January 2012

What's wrong?

Heyy guys. What's up?. Ok, I was at Tenom's Supermarket.. which is Bestamart. Yeah, located at my hometown. Nothing out of ordinary, but I just feeling so different. Because people know me at my different sight. Well, you know... something bad, kiddo, and fishy. But it was to be me. And now, Its different. Something good inside. (Hope, it will stay forever in my life) Hope you have an idea what the h##l im talking about. Ok, lets get straight to my point. I was a girl with a free hair. But now, its different then.You know,  It takes time to change yourself. Peoples switching, Anything is twisting And everything is changing. So do I. Maybe, some of them will say bad things bout my changing. Who care? I have my own life. I do not owe you anything. So why should I listen to you? See? peoples keep talking bout us even we do the right things. But dont worry, whats goes around, comes around right?.The thing is.. I already wear a scarf. (known as tudung) nothing's wrong right? I've changed for myself , my future and my family.Alhamdulillah ..  The decision have been made, and i will not go back. If you wanna have a sort of changing, dont be shy. Go for it :)

fuhh... finally, I feel so freshy. Thanks . :)
Bye guys. See ya~
❤Terima kasih kerana sudi singgah!❤

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