Saturday, 19 November 2011

Girls talk.

Hello peoples. So, here it goes... 'when girl speak the truth'. I really dont have any idea... what and why im write this post. Kind of weird.. isn't it? naa~ nevermind. Just forget about it.
You know what? im sick with 'desperate' boys. Urggh~ I think you know what i meant. If not, I dont know how to explain or whatever~ just read this:

DESPERATE BOY a.k.a Crocs ###
1. When he saw you in some kind of social network communication (facebook for example), he would say ''you are beautiful''. But when he found out that you are not, so,... he going to stop contacts you. Or,,, what if.. he use this sentence to flirt with the others? . Who knows??
2. When he met you, he would propose you as his girl. (without knowing who you are) .Isn't it weird??? This attitude is ****!
3. When it is your 1st dates, he started to touch your body. Trust me, real love cme from our heart, not BRAIN. In this situation, he just using you. He want your body! nanana~ dont forget to bring chili's spray girls!( just for precaution) ^.~
4. They kept lying about their age, by using fake profile picture. Sometimes, an old guy wanna look like a boy. Trust me, its true. or.. they just wanna play around, with freshy girl. U get it? so..stay out of it!
5. Hiding their relation. If he really love her, why need to hide? I didn't say to express your passion or feeling in public. but ... don't hide!!. By deleting your lover post,Its no use indeed. Its hurting her! 

I think that's all . And im getting sick with it. urggh~~ this type of guy? they should learn how to respect women. Dont you get it?they should learn some manners. Whatever,, but.. it's my business to say this... because im a girl... so, i have my right. Ok! lets have a big claps for GIRLS (who's reading my blog rite now) :)
gtg. bye. :)
❤Terima kasih kerana sudi singgah!❤

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