Wednesday, 19 October 2011

looking forward and found new dreams!

Howdy friends! ^.~ nice greeting huh? UK used that! ^.~ alright, im about planning a goal for next semester. A kind of goal. I think, i wanna go to oversea for the upcoming event. International Student Exchange. ^.~ N i think.... i'm gonna Russia! ^.~ A sort of dream huh?. So, im going for it. I guess... it's the time for me. (always be mine) So! i've to struggle and strike for the awesome result! Now, im on my way ...learning English for efficient language. My new mentor is... MR. DUNCAN. He's cme from England. That's how i found my new greeting just now. Do i get what i want for this time? we'll see 4 it!. :) n ill go for it.
so,,, thats all buddies! ta-ta for now~~ :)

❤Terima kasih kerana sudi singgah!❤

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Anonymous said...

Ehem....really? You're planning to go to Russia...You did know that in most European region they prefer to speak in their mother's tongue....right? Frankly speaking , I think you need to polish up your grammar're not thinking about brandishing a broadsword over your head before you can even wield a sabre do you?? Do svidaniya.....Им просто меньшее существование