Friday, 14 October 2011

The sweetest, The hottest, The funniest, The sowtness friends

Hello !!! yeay ~~ here we go!! Talking about my new bff. Alright, introducing the 1st one,, which is Verona Nita. Hehehe,,, she's just like my sister. Pretty without spec...(With spec oso pretty r) hehhe. She already taken! sorry guys. hehhe cme from penampang Sabah. She's the funniest friend i ever had. Love u ehh nita!! hehhe She doesn't like waiting. Although, i always do that. haaha Sorry nita! ^.~ , Then, Zuraini. Just call her zu.. She is pretty girl, the sweetest n the hottest. ^.~ I like to see her smile. sweet like candy yaw! more than lolipop!! haaha cme from Pahang . Love u zu! hehehhe she already taken too~~ so,, sorry guys. N the last ,, is,, Nurul Ajirah. Just call her Eja. She's the most kind hearted friend i ever had. ^.~ She's so cute ... hehehhe but status? i dont know.. just ask her ok? hahahha Proud to be ur friend Eja. Also!!! she cme from Pahang. :) They all my besties.. Best friend forever n ever. So,, dont mess with us ok! hehee gtg... bubye readers!!!
❤Terima kasih kerana sudi singgah!❤

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