Sunday, 8 January 2012

Im screwed.

Heyy. Once again, whats up guys? so.. im having my final examination paper next week. And yes! 2 weeks later im goin' to my hometown. Im really missing my mom, my home, my kitty, my closet, and so many more. Damn! i miss them all. :( . Oh,, im screwed! you know why? My anatomy goin bad. I did my best and i work along with those biology's stuff.. but it didnt worked out.oh god! i think.. Praying is the best way.
So, i get to move on with next paper. It should be more fine because the finest final marks ive got there. :) my paper? not that difficult.. but im having problems with time. Its ok, next time, i will keep myself appreciate every moment that ive got.
Do you wanna know what am i doing right know? im chilling out with my movies,,, screaming aloud with my sweet Roommate (coney qonieytapplez) , freaking out with those horrors stuff and im having so much fun right now. Seriously guys, no tension during this examination weeks. Yeah! so.. im about to continue with my Vampire diaries. Stay in my blog! upss,, before that.. it is Vampire Diaries for SEASON 3. :) got to go~~
❤Terima kasih kerana sudi singgah!❤

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Akemal said...

good luck girl..