Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Coming home with Air Asia.

Heyy guys! whats up?
Ok,so.. i just arrived at my sister's house, Putatan apartment, Sabah. Its been a long tiring day. Got the same plane with My housemate (men). Traveling with air asia. cool huh? It wasn't cool at all... its COLD. you know why ? ive to sneezed all the time.. oh gosh. it was horrible. Thank god, i did bought tissue.Then, i never thought that they will not charge my luggage. Guess what? I forgot to purchased my luggage. urgh,, what an unexpectable ! I think, i like Mas compare to Air Asia. It was boring, and clumsy. N ups! sorry guys, im not listing the differences between these airplane services. Since, ive to use Air Asia to lower my cost. Im spending my time with sleeping. I dont know why i felt so tired n sleepy. Also, at that time i ve got some kind of freak thought.(Thats how Final Destination's movie affects me) Arrived at 5.15 pm last evening. My beloved sis ngah fetched me at airport. :) so great to see her!
I think.. thats all, got to go.
❤Terima kasih kerana sudi singgah!❤

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