Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Terribly sunburn face of mine!:(

Hello you! here it goes... the blacky face of mine. :( urggghh... I dont want to be a blacky girl.Euww... :( . People.. help me! i've been using a cream of safi.Hopefully,, i will gt my light face gain.! (I guess) aww~~ Nevermind! after this im done with farm!!! I will using a ton of sunblock !! Yess! i swear! Just forget about that. So,, people! how's your day? Good? aww~~ that's great! We need to chill people! Hehehe everyone have their own problem... So, it's not a big deal right? Me? ermm... im on way to move on!. Hehehe,,just keep my day busy with assignment, revision and also!! facebooking. Hehehe... LOVE? naaa~~i need to focus with my study first. I dont want to talk about it. And even!!! think about it! Maybe,,, later right? but now..i need to go for the best result in my 1st sem. :) Alright! since, i already told you many of my stories,,, i think its the time for me to go! hahahah alright! Bye2.. :)
❤Terima kasih kerana sudi singgah!❤

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Anonymous said...

Sekali lagi satu2nya makhluk yg suka comment cni walaupun aku tau ko tak nah baca pun komen dari makhluk ni. Ye la, sape la aku ni sbrnya? Just an insignificant existance in this whole wide world.Hari2 aku tgk ko main makeup and layan facebook....hmmm...relax la, degree level studies bkan mcam matrik dulu. Klau kau fikir bnda 2 susah memang susah la jgak. Qada' dan qadar itu dicipta agar dapat diubah dengan usaha dan keazaman manusia. Jgn lupa solat k. TQ