Wednesday, 21 September 2011

New Goals!!!!

Heyy guys!! morning! so... Goals huh? yeah!!! Thats it! my new goal! :) before that,,, ive got stomachache right now,because of 2 maggies for last nite. So, thats how it works.. eat a lot of maggie,, And your stomach will burst!!hahaha (Dont try this at home ok? hehehe). N me?just resting from my Plant Anatomy. I think.. uni's life is super fun n enjoying me. No stress ? ermm.. i guess so. Ok, lets talk about my new goals.

1. Aim for A for whole of my subject !
2. Aim for KPM'S scholarship.
3. Aim for the Best student.
4. Aim for slimmy body. :p

So, thats all! heheh im gonna focus with all of this.If you have a goal,, why dont you try to achieve your dream? And me, im gonna work hard and more harder than usual. :p Yeah!! just for my mum...  (I will not disappointed her). This is my promises guys! Life is fun! Yeahh!! Lets aim for Happiness and dream for an ambition!and i think... Im gonna be a great teacher in a future. Right guys? :)

❤Terima kasih kerana sudi singgah!❤

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Anonymous said...

Mak aihh...assignment 70 pg? Byk least my assignment 10 pg only...tak stress kau cakap? Ada la ckit....coz my final exam x lama lagi, 1st of Nov...for the ni lar....u have to aim high but not too high coz nanti u frustrated. Sepatutnya aim dia bunyik cam ni:

1. Aim to get scholarship
2. Aim to get dean list
3. Aim to live your live to the fullest
4. Aim to get Vice Chancellor Honour Rolls

N there u hav it....hehe...byk orang nak tackle koe kat Upsi....oooppsss...beware...jangan sampai kisah lama berulang, jangan marah...just an advice from me