Monday, 19 September 2011

For the first time in FARM? hahaha

Hello u !! yeah.. miss me oready huh? hahah i know... dont worry guys,, i miss u too~~ :p ok, first of all,, im gonna say that im so so so tired!!!why? ermm... just back from UPSI'S FARM...(located near KAB)..The most interesting fact that... im not wearing PCK BOOTS. hahahah actually.. im frgt to buy that thing. so, i decide to wear my adidas. lovely shoe!!! but then.,, argghhh... fully filled with mud!! n im gonna be a MISS MUDDY! Hahahah my tracksuit also having some mud arts. yucky!!! I swear guys... after this,,, im goin to wear, gloves, boots n cap! (duhh~~ just like a farmer) urghh... n also!!! this was my first time im holding this thing!! no idea with that horrible thing
! my skin scratched. :( btw... im doing so good... nice bed! yeahhh... mom gonna be proud of me. :) yeay!! Ow! just wanna share this... hahah when im doin my bed,,, 1 thing in my mind was im releasing all of my frustated n all of my sadness into that soil!! so... you have more energy to build a lovely bed.. hahahah just like u punch a punch bag!!! yeahh!!! quite easy rite? ok guys!! im so hungry... so lets eat!!
astalavista bebeh!!
❤Terima kasih kerana sudi singgah!❤

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Anonymous said...

Kciannya...but put it on a bright sight, at least dapat exercise a lil bit...plz dun be sad, coz when u sad bad luck comes to me....u sedey2 tiba2 my laptop bwat hal so plz be happy....then again....maybe it's just a coincidence...