Sunday, 14 August 2011

Medicine is a part of my life.

Heyy.. hello!! hehehhe greetings... ok2.. still in malay,,lucky u .. hehhehe :) pa yg sy SEDANG merepek neyh? back to story,, thats it!!! last nite,, sy ada flu,, also headache.. badly,, sy x ubat flu. Yg ada panadol,, ahh~~ hentam sejja. Sy mkn dgn bgga nya. Wahhh~~ trus mimpi indah oo.. hhahah bukan sy kick r,, sy tido pas tu malas mokk layan neyh sakit. TIDO LAGI BEST!!!! hahhaha tp badly lg,,, asthma sy lg attack td... :( pastuh ubat sy tgal 2... need to buy more neyh,, SEE? do u SEE it??? sy bergantung sma ubat... :(( *pernah* dulu,,, sy try x mkn ubt kn.... pastuh minum air suam. Sy mang x dpat tido oo.. aduyaiii.. memang sengsara ... betul.. memang SUPER DUPER TERUK ... sy xmokk lg x mkn ubt,,, fobia dah.... tp when mkn ubat kn... after that,, sy rsa shaking larh plak... mungkin tlampau kuat kli r... MUNGKIN r... kn? xpa larh... sy choose shake2 move2 drpd x mkn ubat.... kasian larh org yg dapat sy neyh.. :( i feel pity 4 myself. huh... Xpa larh... pa2 pn,, kta mesti CHILL~~~ :) ok,, need to go~~ chill ok? weheee~~
❤Terima kasih kerana sudi singgah!❤

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darkfent said...

Erk.....kine I dun kno u have so many health problems......and other to say this.....I also had various problems in the past which I (most of the time) lied to all of u guyz....a lot that is coz I think by hiding all ma pains away it woulda help me...I'm wrong and also right at the same time....whatever happens, believe and believe in urself. N dun 4get ur connection to god.