Wednesday, 20 July 2011

My medical check up.

Hello.. hahahha its been a long time i didnt wrote any of my words here. hahaha By the way,, ive been busy for preparing my university's stuff. Now, lets talk about this ,, 'Medical check up' . Yesterday , i went to Tenom Hospital. RM2O.OO for UPSI medical check up. Hahahah 1st room was 12. It was urine test.. last drink was nestcafe. Hhahaha Thank god... it was not yellowish .. i meant... dark yellow.. hahaha Then, i went to checked my height and weight. I dont want to talk about this... I hate the result... really disappointed me..And the last was x-ray.. oooo im so shocked when i heard the doc say that i need to took off all my cloth... i meant.. underwear also.. WTF??? urgghh.. thank god, i have to wear hospital cloth... a lil bit transparent,.. and it was a women (the doctor). eee.. Weehee~~ proud to see my body.. hahah perfect bone yaww!!:))) And now, ive to see my doctor. Hope its gonna be fine... :)) so, just wait and see crackers!!! Gtg~~ Byebye...:)
❤Terima kasih kerana sudi singgah!❤

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