Monday, 25 July 2011

making friends at Bank Islam Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Hello crackers... hahahha,.. wee~~ bout the title,, i think i should wrote bout this story. So,, lets begin...:) .. Last morning, i went to BIMB,, yupp.. need to pay  my upsi,,, it cost around 2k. A lot of money... i cant imagine.... someday, i ve my own money.. woww.... i wanna buy a bungalow!!! or bmw??? macbook? aww~~ i wanna have one!! maybe later... heheh ok, then... i saw 2 girls,, first.. i just let it,,, pretending like im snob... hahahha so devil... :)) but,, i cant shut my mouth babe... i say heyy to them,, and ask for the name... They told me their name,,, it was Jainah and Chung mei. im so happy,, im making friends with them.we were talking about upsi,,, also!!! the 'needed'... :) They're taking ICT course at my uni... i meant.. UPSI of course. erm.. really appreciate... hahahha i admit that... im friendly actually,,, dont you realize? hahahhaha just kidding, gtg buddy.. tataaaa~~~
❤Terima kasih kerana sudi singgah!❤

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