Sunday, 10 July 2011

10 tricks how to avoid Madness.

1. Positive emotions: Right from the moment you wake up, think of happy thoughts and feel good about yourself. Welcome a new day with delightfulness by listening to the chirping birds and admiring the rising morning sun. 

2. Communicate, communicate and communicate: If your think that someone is doing something to tease you or make you angry, don’t assume and don’t jump to conclusion that the person is doing it on purpose. Talk to the person and find out why. Perhaps he or she is not aware of it and it is not done intentionally. The issue can then be resolved easily and quickly. Or else you will find fault with the person angrily.

3. Positive reaction to negative events: Life is not a bed of roses. When there is a problem, don’t go into a rage. Take a creative approach and think of a way to overcome the problem.

4. Forgive and forget: Do not harbor thoughts of revenge. When your mind is not at ease, you will not behave rationally. The angry feeling will get the better of you and you will act aggressively which is not good for those who are involved. When you forgive, you behave calmly and your mind is at peace and your thoughts and feelings will make sense.

5. Talk in a friendly manner about other people’s mistakes: When you are aggravated by someone who did you wrong, you don’t have to be angry. Just point out the error to the person concerned  calmly and ask him or her to correct the mistake

6. Don’t allow negative emotions to enter your mind: Replace your ill feelings with positive thoughts to stop the angry feeling to brew.

7. Accept the fact that people are different: People behave differently and it may irritate you. Do remember that they don’t mean to belittle or insult you and you don’t have to get angry about it.

8. Face setbacks in life positively: Do not curse, swear and be angry over a failed attempt. It is a valuable lesson to be learnt and you should go on trying until you are successful.

9. Don’t aggravate the situation: As an example, people who are involved in a vehicle accident are usually angry. Even a minor accident can lead to a heated argument and end tragically. Be cool, calm and collected in such unfortunate situations.

10. Learn to relax: Working life is stressful. An unfavorable event can trigger angry feeling to develop and become out of control. Learn to unwind and relax your mind.

❤Terima kasih kerana sudi singgah!❤

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