Saturday, 26 November 2011

I'm not that bad.

Hello you... I'm back! yeah~ . So,,, ''I'm not that bad'' huh? . Its about what had happened at my classmates trip. Actually,, i dont remember the location So, just forget about it. Im feeling so dumb today. I did some mistakes., yes a lot of mistaken,, ive to admit it. I woke up at nothing wrong with 7.10am right? U were wrong! Im late for our trip! owh ####. All of them.. waiting for me to come. O.M.G! first, i feel so appreciate... yeah.. feeling so high.. like a princess. but Secondly, it was so bad!! im bad . :( Im failed in arranging my time. When i arrived at the bus, i saw my prof.. urgh,, im afraid to see his face. so SCARY MOVIE!. I know... im upseting all of my classmates n my prof, prof yusof. Im so sorry guys... Ive no idea why im late. At the end of our slot , i made a confession of the broken heart. Kidding! it was my confession,,, im the reason,why we late. Im not planning to make a confession or some kind of talking the truth,, but it was so sudden! I feel so guilty to everyone, so i decided to tell the truth. So, that's it! i did very well,, at least.. i saw the smile of prof yusof,, after my confession. Then,, i guess,.. im not bad at all. Right? yeah. credits to me, having a lot of courage to standing in front of public. To adib,,, Im so sorry for troubling you.. So sorry,, also For my sweetie.. zuraini.. zu.. im sorry for troubling you again n again.. sory. The most funniest part at the end of our programme was... 1 of the officer say.. i look like  Rossa. Indon's singer... hahahah it was funny! Do i look like Rossa? yeay... im not saying that im kembang or what.. but it's so weird. Anyway,thanks to him for invited me to singer competition. I already told him, that  can't sing. But, he didn't believe me. Trust me, not all of Sabahan can sing. Just like me, i can't sing , i just can dance. yeah! rock ur body guys! hahahhaha non sense! by the way... gtg.. TTYL...bye.:)
❤Terima kasih kerana sudi singgah!❤

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