Saturday, 8 October 2011

nothing is broken by him. :)

Heyy... hello u! greetings first! :p Alright guys,, i just wanna share about my new life. I just feel very happy,, i dont know... maybe because of him or something else. But,, honestly, im happy. :) hahaha . As i told u before, i never mention about my relationship before this. Right? So, this is the time i reveal all of my story. :) He's sweet.. but im more sweet than him. hahaha I wrote a kind of love letter ...a sort of ... err.. it's a love letter.:) writing different 'i love u' in different languages. yee~~ we have a great story and a wonderful time together. Laughing, joking, and so much more! Hopely, it won't last. I like to see your smiling boyfriend! n the confession? wee~~ really!! im melting! hahahaha but,, feeling little worry bout ur pass time. Nevermind larh! im happy with u.:p Great to know u and to be ur girlfriend my dear. Thank you and I Love u mr. Amin! :)

Lots of love from me,
Kine Kine.
❤Terima kasih kerana sudi singgah!❤

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