Monday, 11 July 2011


This list was created for some of you out there give an idea or two. Smoking is not impossible, there is someone out there willing to leave their comfort zone.
Stay strong and show this list to the implementation advice to stop smoking or both, and above all – positive!

1. Smoking is a different experience for each person to try a technique you think will work for you. Some products, for therapy, hypnosis, etc. All this can give you a chance, but the method is certainly recommended to stop suddenly.

2. Avoid people or situations that normally stress, if possible – there is no need to put more pressure than necessary.

3. Get rid of everything with a cigarette, if you decide to quit. This includes cigarettes, cigarette tobacco and snuff, lighters, ashtrays, etc. I remember could smoke. Ventilate the house and wash everything that smells of cigarette smoke – even the car.

4. Another suggestion is that smoking is easy for you of what is to stop smoking to win, not what we lose sight of the stop – everything is back to his state of mind.
5. Drink lots of water! This can not be stressed enough, do not wash only positively in all aspects of physics, but also before temporary.

6. List all the things that the decision to quit smoking, you take if you need extra inspiration this page was referenced. This can be a powerful point of stopping smoking if you follow through.

7. There are many smoking cessation hotline there if you need someone to listen – or even just someone who shouts their territory and see what is available. There are telephone lines worldwide. You can remain anonymous, and most of the time the service call is free.

8. Get as much support as possible! Tell your friends and family to do and get their support. Without speaking to warn against possible changes in its serenity.

9. If possible, a point of stopping smoking is the best place to go out with a partner. It may only need support and accountability, you will succeed.

10. Do not feel sorry for you – The best defense is positivity!

❤Terima kasih kerana sudi singgah!❤

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