Thursday, 28 July 2011

my boys. my mans. my hearts. :)

Le Hong Ki

Bradd Pitt

Shaheizy Sam

Zahiril Adzim

Hello you!! Hello there~~ wehee~~ back to english yaw.. Ok, i wanna talk about him. Wee~~ 4 boys that i admire so2 muchy... hehhehe . Have u seen them before? of course yess!! hahah they're my beloved... :) 1st, It was Le Hong Ki... i saw him in You're beautiful. Korean drama show. He was playin' a cute role.. so sweet babe... he like banana n when he talk... i feel like OH MY GOSH!OH MY GOSH!! he so cute.... :))) And he the only korean guy that i admire so much.:) Next ... Brad pitt.. Hahahah have u ever heard about mr. and mrs smith? hahahha thats how i found my braddy.. hahahha :) he so gentle, and gorgeous!! aww~~ he's hot u know.. :)) Then, My Shaheizy sam. wee~~ Zetty brother. :) I saw him at Niyang Rapik movie.. he have a good looking. and he so cute... Oh no... i really admire him... really..when i saw him at Kongsi.. im melting oo.. he was so cool... heheheh i like!! :) heheh ..The last,,Mr, Zahiril Adzim. uuu He's so popular right now... Do u know Juvana drama shows? ahhaaa~~ he play daim character there... hahaha he's so cute... i like his mole.. :)) aww~~ btw... i love the three of them... they all so gentle!!! cutey,.. and so much more!!! hahahha im the biggest fan of them!!! LOTS OF LOVE FROM ME...:))
❤Terima kasih kerana sudi singgah!❤

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