Thursday, 7 July 2011

My love story

heyy... im not talking about the task btw... i just.. need to write something and tell you what i feel.
im not a good writer..or good in english. im not taking an arts or having a writing class. but, i like to write. life is hard .. and me.
This is my love story. Last year, i went to studied science course in matriccullation. I never thought that i enter
that collegue. My sis disagree with that, but .. i have my own... my ambition. I was saparated that time. Hurting me too much.
Hoping someone will bcame my love, and waiting.
Then, i met someone. Someone looks familiar. His face, just like him. But, i dont want to take a risk. Day by day i watching  him. The way he talk, move, laugh, so different. I like to know him better,so i ask for number phone.
Its funny when a girl asking a boy for their number. Ive my own reason... actually. not really. The reason was.. i need  his help to handle our sketch. Then , ive got his number. I text him, but seldom.. Month after month, we've become more closer..
I like him, he makes me laugh. Then, He proposed me, to bcme his girl. What should i do? im waiting for him.
..we've been together, all the sweetest that we have share, the sourness.. the bitterness.. but now, it change a lot.
We were not like we was to be.. he's not understanding. Me either,, . The trust is gone somewhere.While the not gone.This is the only solution...
I just wanna move on with my life, accept what ive lost. You ask me to back with you, but,,, im sorry. We can't make it. We were not meant to be .Your tears... really. is killing me. i dont know what to do.. im so sorry... we cant make it anymore. Thank you so much for everything.Thats all.. i just can say sorry..
someday, you'll find someone better than me.-END OF MY LOVE STORY-
❤Terima kasih kerana sudi singgah!❤

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darkfent said...

Come on la....koe mmang xkan jmpa your true soul mate....koe msti jmpa yg salah baru koe jumpa yg btul at the end..koe nie...blajar pn blum abis lagi. Bah, ciao dulu...bsuk kna bngun kul 4 pgi ni. Neway, all da best 4 u.