Wednesday, 22 June 2011


Task 7

A picture of someone/something that have biggest impact on you.

Hello all!!! ok, now its the time to complete the task! since the task did not ask me to explain why. so, i just show the picture! no explaination...
Miss Mary Joy Mahoi

Miss Polynica Pariseh

Miss Joina Joanes

Emm.. maybe.. i should give a reason why i choose them. So, its not a picture.. its pictures of my friend. :) They teach me a lot. Fighting, loving, crying, and so on! hahaha we bcme more closer since we in secondary 3. We are 3 Azam .  First, i wanna say that im not a good kid when i was in my secondary school. Bullying, act like im Heroin, pretending im cool, and all the devil things. EXCEPT! im not a drinker or smoker. Thats why im proud of myself.(even im such a ##### ). I always got D or C for whole of my subject in my class. Ranking? urgghh.. Dont ask! im in top 20. Teenager... so.. when i make a friend with them, slowly.. i turned to be a good person. They are good and smart. They're debaters. :) The moment that im missing so much is the moment that we shared our food. :) And to be honest, they change my attitude..And since im their girlfriend, i've got top 10 in our class. So proud of me. ALSO!!! ive got excellent result in my PMR.I should thanks to them. If im not with them, maybe ive got #### result in my SPM. So, im not in Matricculation. But .. it change everything when we choose a right person to become our friend. Its not how you make friends but its who are your friends?  Think about it crackers! Gotta go!Thanx girlfriends!!! I love u all..:)

❤Terima kasih kerana sudi singgah!❤

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