Monday, 27 June 2011

10 Ways to Healing a Broken heart

The following tips will help you heal faster:
  1. Stop Dwelling in the past 
    Stop thinking about what you could have done to save the relationship. Rather learn from the mistakes you made or they made.
  2. Stop hoping your ex will come backafter the break up
  3. Keep Yourself Busy 
    Do anything that will keep your mind off your ex. Take up a new sport.Do yoga. Work out or join a charity organization.
    Anything that will keep your mind from drifting to the past will work here. The less you think about your ex, the quicker your healing process will be.
  4. Love Yourself More 
    After a break up we tend to neglect ourselves. Try to take care of yourself. Drink lots of water, eat healthy foods and get a lot of sleep.Spoiling yourself once in a while also works.
    All this will make you feel good about yourself. Your physical appearance will improve. All in all it will help you restore your confidence and boost your self esteem.
  5. Dont Hold Back the Sad Emotions 
    From time to time you will feel really sad, depressed and want to cry. Do not hold back these emotions. They are all normal and temporary.So If you feel like crying then do so.
  6. Get Professional Help 
    A therapist can be of a great help if you can afford it.
  7. Avoid your Ex's Facebook Profile 
    Do not visit your ex's Facebook,Myspace or any other social network's profile page.
    Seeing their friends, monitoring their status and pictures will only upset you . Just don't do it.It will prolong and interfere with your healing process. Block them or delete your account if you have to!
  8. Start a Journal 
    Whenever you start thinking about your ex and the past relationship, write down all the thoughts and emotions that go through your head. This will help clear your head.
  9. Avoid Communication With Your Ex 
    Do not email, call or text your ex. Simply forget about contacting them in any way. Contacting them will make healing a Broken Heart much harder.
  10. Avoid Rebound Relationships
    During your healing period try to avoid relationships. A rebound relationship will only postpone the emotions you go through after a nasty breakup.
    It may feel good for a short time. Then when you realize that you really are not into the reboundee, all those negative emotions (anger, sadness, depression,resentment.. etc) will comeback to haunt you. So you are better off not dating till you are over your ex.
    If you cant help it but get involved, keep the relationship casual. Try not to bond with them emotionally. and be honest about everything.

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