Saturday, 7 May 2011

my interview day....

ggest day biggest sweat.. aww~~  im so tired. truely,honestly im damn tired now...
my story: bgn with 5 n taking shower.done at 6.30. hee... late... coz ive to setting my 'selendang' lorh..
we arrived at 8. SMK KEMABONG. after that, they asked to look our name at the board there...
ahh!!! here i dun wanna talk about... u know what? im just like ikan sardin there... OH MY GOSH  i tell u r..
they hit me n push me i know im small.. ee... thanx god.. no one dare to ambik kesempatan there..aiyooo... then,
turn 2 fill the form given from lecturers. yes.. ive done with a lot of mistakes there..
n i asked to have 1 more sheet gain. they gve me... i go to the line and taking number at there. my lucky number is
S43... duh.. it wasn't lucky at all... ~whatever~ ive to wait at kmabong's hall..
oh no!!! my leg is cramping!!! arggghhh got no chairs anymore, and we have to stand till they call our number
.its n i didnt hear they call my number.. n u know what? its REST OREADY til 1.30 n we have to come back again!!!
oh my!!! after that, me n lucy together find some toilet. what a bad day.. its hard to find
any toilet there.. arggghhhh the RELA say ' u can share go to the men toilet there.. got woman oso' euwww... who dare??? i dun wannn..
n its 1.30 n i didnt hear my number yet. til 2.00pm they call us. ive to tk my 'insak'exam aat the classroom.
easy.. but hard to answer~~argghhh~~~ then we go to other classroom to interview session... its group interview.. oh my..
im ok with that... i changed my option , once i herd the lecturer say.'got many chances if u choose ENGLISH'
i love MATHEMATICS actually.. deep in my heart.. really love it.. but i changed to ENGLISH option..
owh god.. ive to speak!!!! but once i spk... i realized that im RaMMBLINGGGGG.. OH NO....
its my bad behaviour.. when im getting nervous, i am talking non sense...:( but the lecturer say
its ok becoz ive sspeak whole of the session.... i hope i didnt monopoly the session..
i just did it like my muet's test...:) ALHAMDULILLAH finished at 4pm..
(a lot of grammtcal error)
❤Terima kasih kerana sudi singgah!❤

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